More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B

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Boating Memoir | Yacht Chart Inside Passage | David B CruisesON JUNE 16, 2006, the David B left Bellingham, Washington bound for Juneau, Alaska, on her maiden voyage as a passenger vessel. Eight years earlier, Christine and Jeffrey had found the David B tucked behind a breakwater on Lopez Island. The tired old wooden boat, built in 1929, was showing her age. When the young couple stepped aboard the neglected vessel, her sturdy work-boat style captured their hearts with an ageless beauty that only the young dreamers could see.

Their desire was to own and operate a small expedition cruise ship in Alaska. With their love for one another and without much income, they pinned their hopes and sheer will on rebuilding the dying boat. What they thought would be a two-year project, became an eight-year tug-of-war between time and money as they raced to finish rebuilding the David B before it was too late.Boating Memoir | David B Cruises | Yacht Charter | Alaska

More Faster Backwards is the story of Christine and Jeffrey’s uncertain struggle to rebuild the David B and their journey to Alaska on an untested seventy-seven year old boat to begin the life of their dreams. Read an excerpt…

More Faster Backwards in the April 2012 Issue of Yachting Magazine!

More Faster Backwards in Yachting Magazine

Photo Gallery in Yachting Magazine of the David B’s Rebuild

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3/17/12 – Five Star Review from Readers Favorite!
“More Faster Backwards” is an entertaining read. I found myself cheering the David B on. I wanted the Smiths to succeed. This book proves that with hard work, persistence, and determination you can achieve your dream. I was quickly drawn into this tale; I eagerly turned the pages not wanting to wait to see what new adventure the Smiths would face. Smith is a talented author. She paints a beautiful picture with words. The author shares photos in the back of the book. It is hard to believe that the David B looked that bad when they purchased her. The photos document the change as the work on the ship progressed. I have never been to Alaska but hope to make a trip there in 2014. I just may look up the Smiths and see the David B for myself.

Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite
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Just finished More Faster Backward.  What a wonderful read!. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Your method of switching between the work to reclaim the David B and your voyage to Alaska kept it really interesting for me.  Much of it I read out loud to my husband because we both found it so lively and entertaining.  Your love for Jeffrey, The David B, and the natural world in this beautiful Pacific Northwest is clearly evident.  I hope that More Faster Backwards takes it’s deserved place with Pacific Northwest boating memoirs right along side of The Curve of Time.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading MORE FASTER BACKWARDS.  You did a good job of writing.  I think it is the best written ‘cruising to Alaska’ book I have read over the years.  Your strategy of using the cruise as a theme to tell the story of the rebuild works for me.  You have a flare for writing, among your other talents – I look for more cruising stories in the future!  I like your perceptions of people and places – this is what sets your book apart from other ‘cruise to Alaska’ books, which seem to have simple cliche descriptions of a sunset at anchorage, or whatever. -Carl

October 11
I love it! It made me cry with happiness. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to experience the David B first hand. Otherwise, I never would be able to enjoy this wonderful story. Looking forward to reading the entire book & sharing it with friends. Y’all have done wonderful things and made terrific lives for yourselves. Keep up the good work. Stacy

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