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More Faster Backwards - Rebuilding David B

Christine Smith - Author of More Faster Backwards

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PO Box 1431 – Bellingham, WA.  98227

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  1. I read your article in Wooden Boat magazine. It prompted me to purchase your book. I just finished it. All within 2 weeks. I am a subscriber to Wooden Boat despite not having a vessel larger than a Winonah canoe. And your book is the first I have read, by design, in over 4 years. Blame it on vicarious living during this cold Virginia winter, but your story struck a nerve and the timing could not have been better. Thank you for your efforts and talent, but be forewarned that if a landlubber such as I has taken so quickly to your story, there most-assuredly will be others (boat-owning variety of folk) who will be reaching out to you after this recent article and heightened recognition. Best of luck to you, Jeremy and the David B. – Liam Flanagan

    • Christine says:

      Thank you Liam! I really appreciate hearing that! It was such a dream to get into WoodenBoat. When we first bought it we always hoped the David B would be someday be transformed into something special.

      We have had a number of people who’ve bought boats (some knowing our story and some not) coming to us to talk about how we did it. I like to joke with them that it takes, focus, tenacity, no TV, and lots of good advisors : )

      Thanks again!


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