Photos From Working at Lopez Island

The First Project – Replacing the Foredeck

After we bought the David B we needed to replace the foredeck. We hoped that we could salvage some of the deck beams that the deck rested on, but in the end we replaced the whole deck. Part of the reason for doing the foredeck at Lopez Island was so that we could bring the anchor windlass back on to the boat. It had been put on shore after the previous owner pulled up a mooring stone and the windlass went through the deck. All of our work on the foredeck was done at Lopez Island. It took us from June 1998 until February 1999 before we could bring the David B to Bellingham.

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[slideritem title=”Christine Removes the Foredeck” image=””][/slideritem]

[slideritem title=”Jeffrey Cleans the Anchor Chain Locker” image=””][/slideritem]

[slideritem title=”Jeffrey Inspects Deck Beams” image=””][/slideritem]

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[slideritem title=”Jeffrey Makes Deck Beams on Lopez Island” image=””][/slideritem]

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[slideritem title=”Windlass on the Beach at Lopez Island” image=””][/slideritem]

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[slideritem title=”New Fore Deck on the David B” image=””][/slideritem]

[slideritem title=”Jeffrey and Christine on the New Deck” image=””][/slideritem]



Links to Photo Galleries from the Rebuild of the David B


David B's Stern | More Faster Backwards | Memoir | Christine SmithThe First Time We Saw the David B: In 1998 we went to look at a couple of boats on Lopez Island. They were looking for the perfect boat to restore. To Photo Gallery…





Under Tow From the Chief Kwina | More Faster Backwards

Bringing the David B to Bellingham: After eight months at Lopez Island the David B was ready to bring to Bellingham, where we live. To Photo Gallery…




Jeffrey Planes a Beam | More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B


Working in Bellingham from 1999 to 2004: After we brought the David B to Bellingham, we got busy with deck projects. To Photo Gallery…





Hauled Out In the Boatyard | More Faster Backwards

Boatyard Work December 2004 to May 2005: The David B spent six months at Seaview North Boatyard. While the boat was hauled out, we replaced the rim log, most all of the frames and about a third of all the planking. To Photo Gallery…



Christine Paints New Cabinets | Rebuilding David B

Rebuild Work Done Between May 2005 to April 2006: After we launched from the boatyard we went to work on the deck and the interior. We also took the boat back to the boatyard in March 2006 to step a new mast and to get a new anchor, chain and paint the boat. To Photo Gallery…



David B at Fords Terror | Wooden Boat Restoration | Yacht Charter

It took eight years, but the David B is now beautiful: In 2006 we finished rebuilding the boat. We continue to keep making her a little more beautiful every day. Jeffrey and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do. To Photo Gallery…



Keep checking back! We’ll be adding more galleries soon.


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