Rebuild 2005-2006

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Links to Photo Galleries from the Rebuild of the David B


David B's Stern | More Faster Backwards | Memoir | Christine SmithThe First Time We Saw the David B: In 1998 Christine and Jeffrey went to look at a couple of boats on Lopez Island. They were looking for the perfect boat to restore. To Photo Gallery…





New Foredeck on the David B | More Faster Backwards

Working at Lopez Island: After we bought the David B, the first project was to remove and replace the foredeck. To Photo Gallery





Under Tow From the Chief Kwina | More Faster Backwards

Bringing the David B to Bellingham: After eight months at Lopez Island the David B was ready to bring to Bellingham, where Christine and Jeffrey live. To Photo Gallery…





Jeffrey Planes a Beam | More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B

Working in Bellingham from 1999 to 2004: After we brought the David B to Bellingham, we got busy with deck projects. To Photo Gallery…






Keep checking back! We’ll be adding more galleries soon.


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